>Provide OWL & OSHARE LP

In order to provide Liquidity, we first have to purchase either OWL or OSHARE (have a look at our "How to buy Athena section if you need help in doing so), depending on which you want to provide liquidity for.
Provide liquidity on http://Solarbeam.io. Head over to the Pool tab, connect your wallet (Make sure your Metamask is on the Moonriver Network). Now you have to choose Ingredient A and B. Ingredient A will be MOVR and ingredient B will either be OWL or OSHARE. If OWL or OSHARE do not show up, please copy/paste the address shown below manually.
WMOVR/OWL: 0xC881C93ebB075b3c80F16Bc9E513a7784f794Ef9
WMOVR/OShare: 0xc89C09a04440b7952790969eF470F8215Bce4804
Click on supply and accept the transaction in your wallet.
Now that you have provided LP, you can head over to athenamoney.org and farm your LP's.